The platform for
distributed cloud computing


  • We offer truly sustainable cloud computing services powered by local renewable energy sources like wind and solar.
  • Full data souvereignity and GDPR compliance at german data center sites of your choice - secure and protected by the swarm.
  • Fast edge cloud services that are close to our customers for innovative companies with critical and data-intensive applications.
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Managed Kubernetes Cluster

Microservices and containers are your playground? We've got you covered with our Managed Kubernetes Cluster. Start deploying your applications in no time without the hassle of administrating Kubernetes on your own.

Serverless and

You are developing software and you want to get rid of everything beyond your code? With FaaS we strip infrastructure related tasks from your workflow and offer you a frictionless and intuitive cloud environment. Just you, your code and your coffee.


Your data is not a fan of lenghty roundtrips? Our distributed edge data centers may be just around the corner to compute your most precious bits. Low latency and full data souvereignity will accelerate your data and your business.

Simple application management

  • Locations and clusters
  • Energy status and latency
  • Auto resources allocation


We utilize existing infrastructure of wind and solar parks to operate our edge data centers. By direct feed of local and cheap renewable energy we enable strong synergies and high efficiency. No greenwashing. The real deal.


Local edge cloud services for innovative companies with latency-sensitive and critical IT workloads. Our decentralized edge data centers are close to our customers and even closer to the green energy sources.


Our smart swarm of distributed data centers enables geo redundancy, failover scenarios, dynamic workload migration and encrypted data. Automated, secure and robust in a data center cluster of your choice.

What makes us special?

Our smart orchestration platform unlocks the power of many.

Crucial Points

  • The decentralized platform enables a self organizing and resilient system.
  • An integrated energy management system allows for cross-location optimization.
  • Without even noticing, your company is an active part of the green energy transition!

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